Travel to Peru FAQS

Do you need a Tourist Visa for Peru?

All the information about how to obtain Tourism Visa can be found in the following page of the Peruvian Government. Visa for Perú

What places should not miss on my trip to Peru?

Depending on the type of traveler / to you, your motivations and duration of your trip, there are cities well worth visiting, these are: Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco and Machu Picchu. We also recommend you visit the Peruvian jungle or North, most unknown areas but no less spectacular

Is 15 days enough to travel to Peru ? Is it sufficient to tour the coast, the sierra and jungle?

Of course. In 15 days you can explore and learn about various parts of Peru. Visit the coast bathed by the Pacific Ocean, enjoy its mountain landscapes and into natural bio-diversity of the forest.

What services include Inkas Destination?

We can order the complete organization of your next vacation in Peru (booking air tickets, hotels, restaurants, entrance fees, guides, insurance, etc.). However, the published prices of our programs do not include air travel to Lima or travel insurance. We tend to reserve them taking the possible dates of your trip, to offer the best price and / or a possible bid.

What is the value of the euro in Peru

To date, the value is: 1 Euro = 3.80 Nuevos Soles. We do not recommend traveling with lots of money. In Peru, there is a large network of ATMs. In addition, some hotels offers the service work Exchange.

What is the best time to travel to Peru?

All year, however we should note that during the months of January to March is the rainy season. The average temperature in the country is 22 ° C. with its peculiarities according to the area you visit. If you want to do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Cusco, do not forget that it remains closed the entire month of February. August, usually the most saturated, so we recommend to make reservations well in advance, especially at entrances to Machu Picchu and the train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes.

Do I need to put myself vaccines to travel to Peru?

Vaccinations are not mandatory to enter the country. However, if you plan to meet humid or rainy areas like the Peruvian jungle it is advisable to be vaccinated against yellow fever, hepatitis A and / or B and Varicella. Remember that vaccines should be delivered 10 days before the trip to be effective. However, we recommend visiting your doctor of confidence.

How can you travel within Peru?

Peru is almost three times the size of the entire Iberian Peninsula, so the distances are longer. Travel within Peru is super convenient and accessible. You can do this in air transport or ground transportation (the most common and economical means) in buses with reclining seats up to 180 degrees, and onboard service. You can also travel by train to Machu Picchu, and even river cruises through the jungle.

Is it safe to travel in Peru?

In general, yes. The recommendations are, in any case, common sense always hire formal services; take taxis inside the airport or recommended by the hotel; traveling with hired guides from travel agency; change money only in exchange offices; always have available your belongings and take care of them in areas with crowds of people.

If I make a trip to Peru mountain, what should I consider?

Peru is a paradise for lovers of mountain sports and adventure. To enjoy this experience please note the following: First, always be accompanied by a local certified guide.In our programs we include all equipment necessary for mountain trips (sleeping bags, tents, helmets, harnesses, pioles, canes, etc.) Second, acclimated one or two days earlier before a summit of above 5,000m.And finally, to mitigate the effect of altitude sickness or “soroche”, it is best to buy a product at a pharmacy in the country, or take an infusion of coca leaves, folk remedy in the Peruvian highlands. The best time to make a snowy mountain peaks is between the months of April to August.

What documentation is required to travel to Peru?

Peru is a country of basically free access for tourists. Most countries in America and Western Europe do not require a tourist visa to enter Peru, and the maximum time of stay granted by the authorities is 183 days (can not be extended). For a longer-term stay for other purposes (business, study, work, etc.) it is necessary to apply for the appropriate visa Peruvian consulates. To enter Peru is an indispensable requirement to present a valid passport.